25 years ago began our journey into the world of dogs raising and exposing our pedigree dogs, Airedale and Terrier Scottish with affixes S’Arracó and Tatuin respectively.

After some years, the time came when we decided to share our knowledge with the public in front of our first store "Peluts i Pelats" where we were for over 10 years.

After these years of experience, we decided to open a different store, where personal and professional experiences join our new ideas and dreams, combining the best service with the best products and unbeatable facilities.

Nowadays, we can say that the personal treatment with our pets is a constant obsession in Magnum & friends, with personalized treatments, commercial and exhibition arrangements according to the need of our customers. Besides we have a spa for skin healing treatments.

In Magnum & friends don’t sell puppies but we can advise on all races and put our customers in touch with the best breeders. First of all, to all our customers like the treat with the pet is impeccable.

In Magnum & friends we have created a space where find great products, atmosphere and service.

We know we will not disappoint anyone. Welcome to Magnum & friends World.